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A solution-oriented textile technology company.

Spinteks, which began its innovative approach to the textile industry in 2002, commissioned production lines for carbon and hybrid woven fabrics for the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, energy and maritime in 2010.

Spinteks, whose goals for the future focus on making a difference, has combined its technical and creative skills from day one by continuously improving its carbon woven fabric production performance, and it continues to provide highperformance solutions for many distinguished industries with its value-added products.

In its 20th year, Spinteks introduced the Carbonier brand to the construction industry with its range of durable, flexible and R&D based range of specialty products by combining its expertise in the production of composite fabrics with its cutting-edge technology in order to meet the demand in the building reinforcement and renovation sector.

In addition to the engineered fabrics that Spinteks manufactures, the company also offers supporting products such as epoxy-based reinforcement products and engineered anchors within the Carbonier brand. Spinteks continues to support the reinforcement of numerous public and private buildings, as well as the restoration projects of our country’s most important historical monuments.

Our Quality Policy

Through the use of evolving and current technologies we aim to;
  • Maintain the highest level of customer expectations and satisfaction
  • Manage customer feedback efficiently
  • Establish and implement an integrated management system aimed at delivering on time while effectively utilizing and continuously improving resources
  • Produce accessible, reliable and high quality products with textile composites, based on employee satisfaction and awareness of our responsibility to society, the environment, laws and the country.
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